Episodenliste: USA

USA Episodenreihenfolge nach der amerikanischen TV-Ausstrahlung

1. Staffel (1987)

0114.09.1987Star Sheriff Round Up
0215.09.1987Cavalry Command (Part 1)
0316.09.1987Jesse’s Revenge (Part 2)
0417.09.1987Iguana Get To Know You
0518.09.1987Little Hombre
0621.09.1987The Greatest Show on the New Frontier
0722.09.1987Little Pardner
0823.09.1987Brawlin‘ Is My Callin‘
0924.09.1987Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away
1025.09.1987Castle of the Mountain Haze
1128.09.1987Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!
1229.09.1987Four Leaf Clover
1330.09.1987The Highlanders
1401.10.1987What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?
1502.10.1987Jesse Blue
1605.10.1987Showdown at Cimarron Pass
1706.10.1987The Saber and the Tomahawk
1807.10.1987All That Glitters
1908.10.1987Sole Survivor
2009.10.1987Legend of the Santa Fe Express
2112.10.1987Snake Eyes
2213.10.1987Famous Last Words (Part 1)
2314.10.1987Sharpshooter (Part 2)
2415.10.1987The Monarch Supreme (Part 3)
2516.10.1987Gattler’s Last Stand
2720.10.1987The Hole in the Wall Gang
2821.10.1987The All Galaxy Grand Prix
3128.10.1987Bad Day at Dry Gulch
3303.11.1987Sneaky Spies
3509.11.1987The Challenge (Part 1)
3610.11.1987The Challenge (Part 2)
3711.11.1987Born on the Bayou
3816.11.1987April Rides
3917.11.1987The Walls of Red Wing
4018.11.1987Jesse’s Girl

2. Staffel (1988)

4118.08.1988The Amazing Lazardo
4219.08.1988I Forgot!
4322.08.1988Lend Me Your Ears
4423.08.1988Born to Run (Part 1)
4524.08.1988The Legend of the Lost World (Part 2)
4625.08.1988The Rescue (Part 3)
4726.08.1988Eagle Has Landed (Part 4)
4829.08.1988Cease Fire (Part 5)
4930.08.1988Alamo Moon (Part 6)
5031.08.1988The Nth Degree! (Part 7)
5101.09.1988Who Is Nemesis? (Part 8)
5202.09.1988Happy Trails (Part 9)